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About us

About us

MB Smagresta performs overhaul of passenger cars, truck and bus flywheels and clutches and sells clutch pads. Flywheels are repaired with specially designed professional technology and continuously upgraded. This allows the company to be the first in the field of flywheel repairs not only in Lithuania, but also in Latvia and Ireland. Smagresta exports its products to Germany, Spain, Norway, Sweden and other EU countries. The company’s customers are both individuals and companies. Flywheels have a 6-month warranty. So if you suspect a floating flywheel failure – contact us

Technological process of flywheel repair

Experience and professional teamwork ensure the quality of our services!

We strive to keep up with the highest performance and customer service requirements throughout our history, so we have succeeded in achieving valuable results and achievements. We are nominated for “Strongest in Lithuania.”

Flywheel weight reduction

Subaru car flywheel easing. The following operations are performed: rust cleaning; weighing, turning, grinding, balancing, weighing. Flywheel weight from 10.6 kg. decreased to 6.8 kg.

Sankabos diskų remontas

Atliekamos šios operacijos: sankabos disko plovimas, seno andėklo nuėmimas, disko defektavimas, disko remontas, naujų andėklų uždėjimas.

Lamborghini Gallardo dvigubos sankabos remontas

Lamborghini Gallardo dvigubos sankabos remontas